About Me
Robin is known for shattering social conventions in her work. She creates characters that refuse to bend to society’s expectations and believes stories are a way of playing “what if” and, ultimately, of spurring change. She holds an MFA from Point Park University and a BA from Muhlenberg College.

At the age of two, Robin attempted to climb into the living room television. Her parents quickly guided her toward more appropriate ways of getting into the arts, and Robin booked the very first role for which she auditioned.

She proceeded to grow up on film and television sets like StepmomThe Sopranos, and Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn while still excelling in school.  She was graduated valedictorian of her academic high school while simultaneously attending The Long Island High School for the Arts.


Robin chose to attend Muhlenberg College for her undergraduate degree. She was graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelor of Arts in theatre and a triple concentration in acting, directing, and performance studies. 


Robin was soon performing in New York City theaters as well as touring throughout the US and Canada. She quickly discovered that her favorite roles are often playing unapologetic women who possess sharp senses of irony and refined wits.  


When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast in 2012, Robin gathered with members of her family to wait out the storm.  No one was surprised when the power went out, but they were astonished when the lack of familiar luxuries like the internet and television proved hardest on Robin’s grandmother. At 96 years old, routine was important to her. She knew there was no electricity, but every afternoon she still asked to see her soaps. Robin wanted nothing more than to make the television work, but she couldn’t – at least not in the traditional sense.


One night, with only a pencil, a pad of paper, and the light of a flickering candle, Robin decided to write a story for her grandmother. The next day family members were assigned parts, and the scenes were read out loud. Everyone got caught up in the tale and, instead of concentrating on the current hardships, were discussing what might happen next in the story. Best of all, Robin’s grandmother asked her for another episode. That was when Robin realized that, in addition to acting, she wanted to write. Stories are a type of magic.


Robin returned to school and completed her Master of Fine Arts in Writing for the Screen and Stage at Point Park University. She was graduated top of her class and received the Academic Excellence Award for her 4.0 GPA. 


Robin is currently based in New York City and works as both an actor and a writer and enjoys being able to instantly visit whatever world she chooses simply by creating it.