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November Reads: Short Plays

There are many short play festivals across the world, and they are one of the ways many emerging writers are first produced. For years, The National Ten-Minute Play Contest through the Actors Theatre of Louisville was the most prominent short play festival in the US. It was discontinued as of August of this year after running for almost thirty years, marking the end of an era. Of course, there are many short play festivals still running.

For November, I've decided to look at short plays. Like short films, these are a distinct form as an interesting, layered story has to be communicated in very little time. I'm going to concentrate mainly, if not exclusively, on ten-minute plays. I'm working my way through Ten-Minute Plays: Volume 5, the 2000 publication of the Actors Theatre of Louisville. I'll pick several of these pieces to talk about, and then I may move on to other works.

If you have a favorite ten-minute play, let me know. If you're a writer and want to tackle some new pieces, I'm interesting in exploring the form further this fall. Let's talk.

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